Fragmented memories of my life…

I have NO idea why, but memories of my past are always fragmented. I don’t know why my mind works this way. Everything I think I ever knew about myself, places I may or may not have been, people I may or may not have met, nothing seems real. I found out things that I will never get answers about, because those with the answers have all left this world. Everyone in my family who ever gave a damn about me enough to make sure I’m OK are all gone (Mom, Grandma, Grandpa… RIP)… Some days, I wonder if living is worth it any more, my life seems pointless. I feel like there is no reasons for me to wake up every day because all I can do is flip through my fucked up memory trying to figure what memories actually happened and which are illusions. My MS makes my head fog up so bad!! I can remember song lyrics and titles better than I remember my own fucking life!! I feel as if I am the only person whose memory keeps jumping about. If there’s ANYONE else who’s head is in such disarray, PLEASE talk to me… Let me know I’m not alone! I feel like I’m going mad! I think I was a working, productive member of society, once upon a time… FUCK YOU, MS!!


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